Where do KP Tissue's common shares trade?

Common shares of KP Tissue trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the ticker symbol "KPT".

How can I purchase shares of KP Tissue?

Common shares of KP Tissue can be purchased through a broker or financial institution that deals TSX-listed securities.

When is KP Tissue 's fiscal year end?

The 12-month accounting period or fiscal year for KP Tissue ends December 31st.

How can I obtain copies of the company's financial documents?

Quarterly and annual filings will be posted on the Company's website in the Financial Reports section. Also, investors can access regulatory filings on SEDAR page at www.sedar.com.

How can I be notified of the company's financial report filings and other important events?

You can register to automatically receive email alerts about filings and notification of important events from KP Tissue.